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Elizabeth Reiser-Loeber, DMD

Elizabeth Reiser-Loeber, DMD

General Dentist

Dr. Elizabeth Reiser-Loeber experienced what it was like to be embarrassed by her teeth at a young age. Her teeth were so bad that for many years she spoke and smiled as little as possible. She spoke so infrequently that her parents began to believe that she was in need of therapy! Her self confidence began to improve with the help of her family dentist and an orthodontist. Dr. Reiser’s dentist had always taken exceptional care of her family’s dental needs and worked within a strong belief of medical and business integrity.

Dr. Reiser was dramatically affected as her teeth were transformed to the beautiful smile she has today. She knew without a doubt that she would become a dentist. This was at the tender age of 14!

Dr. Reiser knows first-hand that a good smile has a dramatic affect on a person’s self esteem and well being. Her personal experiences in the dental office were so profound that she decided that she would do her best to try to emulate them some day. She always liked, and even enjoyed going to the dentist and wanted to give other people the same experience.

Dr. Reiser received her Doctorate of Dental Medicine in June 2005 from Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville. For Dr. Reiser, dentistry is more than a trained art or a job; it is something she loves to do every day. “My favorite thing to do is transforming a person’s smile. Whether that be fixing something simple, or a complex reconstruction; I take the time to listen to whatever the chief complaint is and address it accordingly.” said Dr. Reiser.

Dr. Reiser also recognizes the role that modern technology has in achieving these goals. Because of this she is constantly working to expand, not just her level of knowledge with regular training and professional growth.

Dr. Reiser resides in Plainfield, IL with her husband and two sons. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, camping, hiking, traveling and being outdoors. Her hobbies include cooking, baking, sewing and cross-stitching.

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