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An Itch You Can’t Scratch: Itchy Gums

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When something doesn’t feel quite right in your mouth, it can be almost impossible to ignore. Be it a pained tooth, a canker sore, or a healing wound from an accidentally bit lip, oral pain and discomfort are among the most annoying ailments out there. If you’ve ever suffered from itchy gums, you know how incessant the sensation can be and how badly you want it to go away. Today we’re exploring some of the causes of itchy gums as well as the best treatments to help keep you and your mouth at ease!

Not All Symptoms Are Equal

The way in which your gums are itching can actually help to determine an awful lot about the root cause of your problem. If you’re experiencing itchiness in your gums as well as on the roof of your mouth, the chances are good your symptoms come from an allergy. Itching accompanied by swelling, pain, and aching could be the sign of an abscessed tooth or other injury. Alternatively, if your itches are coupled with redness, inflammation, or irritation of the gums, your body could be showing early signs of gum disease. If you experience any of the above symptoms, be sure to have them evaluated by your dentist.

So What’s To Blame?

  • Gingivitis. One of the most common causes of gum itchiness is a buildup of plaque on the gums and teeth. Plaque forms on teeth after eating and is generally removed while brushing, but it can build up over time if you aren’t careful. Eventually, built up plaque turns to tartar—which can’t be removed by simply brushing or flossing—and causes gums to become inflamed and irritated, a condition known as gingivitis. When caught early, gingivitis is easy to correct. Left untreated, however, it can progress to gum disease and more intensive medical intervention will be required.
  • Allergies. Other times, the peskiness of itchy gums could be due to allergies to food, pollen, or dander that cause unpleasant sensations in the mouth.
  • Dry Mouth. Additionally, dry mouth may be a cause of your symptoms! The body may struggle to produce enough saliva for a multitude of reasons, including certain medications, foods, or medical conditions. Keeping the mouth wet by drinking plenty of water or using a specialty mouthwash can help relieve your symptoms.

How Do I Stop The Itchiness?

While it’s important to visit your dentist if you have concerns over your itching, there are a few at-home remedies to try in the meantime. Keeping up with a routine of twice daily brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash is your first defense at keeping your mouth healthy and itch-free! You can also try adding an occasional saltwater rinse to cut down on bacteria in your mouth, or pop an antihistamine if you suspect allergies are to blame.

Itchiness in the mouth is a common complaint that can have a multitude of causes, but is usually easily treated. If you have concerns over your itching, or simply wish to schedule a routine appointment, give us a call at Anew Dental & Orthodontics in Plainfield today!

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