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Is A Snap-On Smile Right for Me?

Your smile is a very important part of your overall appearance. When your teeth look good, you’re more likely to show them off, which can boost your confidence and improve people’s perceptions of you. Some studies have even shown that people with dental problems are often considered less hirable than people with bright, healthy-looking teeth. … Continued

Wisdom Teeth Come with Age, Like Wisdom Itself

Wisdom teeth can be pesky. Dentists get a lot of questions about them from concerned patients. Do I need to have them removed? Does it hurt? What will happen if I don’t have them extracted? Your mouth undergoes quite a few changes with time, as does every other part of your body. Between 17 and … Continued

The Pros and Cons of Dental Crowns

Decayed, chipped, or missing teeth don’t have to keep you from achieving an award-winning smile. When a filling or veneer is inadequate, a dental crown may be an alternate solution to your smile. Dental crowns are a permanent covering for your tooth that can make your tooth stronger and aesthetically pleasing. Read on to discover … Continued

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