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Looking for orthodontists in Plainfield, IL? Anew Dental & Orthodontics is proud to offer you the latest advancements in orthodontics. If you want to straighten your teeth, align your jawbone and facial profile, and renew your smile, we can help! During your free initial consultation, we will work with you to create a customized treatment plan based on your individual needs.

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Whether you have overcrowding issues, an overbite, crossbite, and more, we have the orthodontic dentistry techniques to align your teeth. We will review your dental records, x-rays, and bite alignment to determine which of the following methods would work best for you.
  • Invisalign. If you’d like to align your teeth quickly and discretely, this is the method for you! Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners that are virtually invisible, and these trays are custom-made to your individual orthodontic needs. You simply change to a new one every few weeks to gradually move your teeth into place. The best part is that you can remove these devices whenever you’d like, so you can enjoy your favorite foods without hassle!
  • Braces. There is a reason that braces are so common and well-known—this is a method that truly works! Braces are comprised of brackets, which are cemented to your teeth, and a U-shaped wire. Over a series of appointments, your orthodontist will adjust the wire to align your teeth gradually. These devices can be made in a variety of materials, including ceramic and metal. We also offer “sleep braces” and lingual arch braces that are hidden behind your teeth, so you can straighten your teeth more discretely than you would traditional braces.
  • Express Smiles™. We are proud to have a certified Express Smiles™ dentist right here in our dental office. This technology can align your teeth in 2-4 months— a fraction of the time that it typically takes to straighten your teeth with traditional braces! With this cutting-edge system, your braces are hidden behind the teeth. They also use clear or tooth-colored brackets so no one will even know you’re wearing them!
  • Free Early Orthodontic Treatment Consultation. Did you know that, by addressing your child’s orthodontic issues before the age of 7, they could avoid needing braces or other orthodontic treatment altogether? With an early orthodontic treatment plan, we can also assist with improving their jaw and facial development by addressing such issues like mouth breathing, tongue/thumb sucking, ad overcrowding. Schedule your free consultation with our pediatric dentist as soon as possible, and we can ensure your child has a healthy, beautiful smile for life!
If you would like to transform your smile, improve your oral health, and boost your confidence, consider seeking orthodontic treatment! Call Anew Dental & Orthodontics today to schedule your free consultation with our orthodontists.

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