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3 Lesser Known Reasons for Teeth Discoloration

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A vibrant white smile used to be something many of us longed for but thought to be unattainable. The perfect smiles sported by Hollywood stars were the stuff of fiction, and the average person just had to deal with a yellowing smile as they advanced into life. Thankfully, the days of accepting your yellowing teeth are long behind us, and whitening options exist for people across all areas of society! While bringing a smile back to its whiteness is an option for most of us, the reasons behind the stains are an issue that can also be addressed to help keep our shine from fading in the first place.

1. Exposure

The old adage “you are what you eat” holds true in many different ways when it comes to your health. Just as an abundance of cheeseburgers and French fries can manifest on your hips and in your arteries, indulging in certain foods and behaviors can, quite literally, stick around on your teeth! Smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco are some of the fastest ways to yellow your teeth, as the smoke, nicotine, and tar will coat your enamel and darken its hue. Additionally, beverages like coffee and red wine also have staining agents in them and can lead to a less vibrant smile over time! To avoid yellowing from these substances, consider cutting them out altogether or brushing your teeth immediately after drinking or smoking.

2. Your DNA

Every aspect of your innate physical being comes right down to what you inherited from your parents and ancestors, and this holds true for the color of your teeth! Some people are born genetically predisposed to have whiter teeth than others, and some even inherent a reddish tint to their enamel. When it comes to genetics, discussing whitening options with your dentist is the best way to ensure a procedure that works best for you!

3. Fluoride

Fluoride is a crucially important mineral that helps our enamel stay strong and resilient. For this reason, most tap water in America is fortified with it and the American Dental Association (ADA) won’t issue their stamp of approval on any toothpaste that doesn’t contain it. However, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. When large amounts of fluoride are ingested as your teeth are still developing, dental fluorosis can occur. This condition manifests as small white, yellow, or brown spots that appear on the surface of the teeth. The best way to protect your children from fluorosis is to ensure they do not swallow their toothpaste. You also should also discuss fluoride supplements with your dentist before starting them.

Yellowing teeth can happen for a huge variety of reasons, and all of us will experience some of it over time no matter how diligent we are in our oral care routine!

If you’ve noticed some yellowing lately and would like to discuss whitening options with your dentist, give us a call at Anew Dental & Orthodontics in Plainfield today!

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