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An Itch You Can’t Scratch: Itchy Gums

When something doesn’t feel quite right in your mouth, it can be almost impossible to ignore. Be it a pained tooth, a canker sore, or a healing wound from an accidentally bit lip, oral pain and discomfort are among the most annoying ailments out there. If you’ve ever suffered from itchy gums, you know how … Continued

Are You a Candidate for Veneers?

For many, the term “veneers” conjures up images of glamorous celebrities with flawless teeth. While veneers were, in fact, invented to give film stars perfect on-screen smiles, they’re not just for the rich and famous anymore. They’ve come a long way since their origin and are available and useful to anyone with a need for … Continued

Should I Bother Treating Cavities in Baby Teeth?

Childhood is a formative time for teeth. Teaching kids healthy dental habits while they’re young sets them up for a lifetime of good checkups. But those habits aren’t just important for the future. Growing baby teeth need the same care as permanent teeth when it comes to decay and cavities. Baby Teeth Are Real Teeth … Continued

Do I Need Fluoride Treatments as an Adult?

Most dental insurance covers regular fluoride treatments for patients up to 18 years old. Strong teeth are formed in childhood, when the teeth are still developing, and regular fluoride treatments help build cavity-resistant teeth. But what about adults? Do you need these treatments as well? Is there any real benefit? What is fluoride? And do … Continued

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